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InmatesMail with Inmate Locators

InmatesMail is a suite of programs that will enable inmates in prisons to send and receive emails.
Inmates eMail will allow detention centers, prisons and jails the inmates to send and receive secure emails using our system. Detention centers have not been able to let the inmates, prisoners use Internet because of security risks but Inmates email will allow them to do it! InmatesMail consists of:

The web software has filters for certain words that can not be sent by an inmate and the list is controlled by the Mail Administrator.
With our suite of apllications you can get prison penpals from all over the world!

If you know of a prison that still doesn't use our prison email system, please get in contact with them and tell them about the system so more prisoners can use email to communicate with their loved ones now!
InmatesMail is a web site that focuses on texas inmate locators .
We care for inmates in prisons and people who have had problems with florida department of motor vehicles, texas department of criminal justice and have gone to jail, or will be going to jail for their problems.
In the near future we are going to display plans of jail design from the jail commissary and jail ministries.
InmatesMail is against jail abuse, jail cell doors and we have links to:
  • jail records
  • correction facility
  • correctional facility
  • downstate correctional facility
  • livingston correctional facility
  • corrections facility
  • georgia dept of correction
  • michigan correction
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